[_khaled] hey goof talk some more shit and ill have ur fucking grou pMOB owned u fuckin fake ass rippin homo keep rippin boxden shit faggot onlything u kids do is SP reggaeton and fake homo local shit keep trynin faggot ill have ur fucking group owned cuz of ur stupid ass sitting in pub/xdcc channesl u fucking faggot talk some more shit about MAD and MOB is gonna be finnihsed u guys are shit group wit no connects understand son fuck ur boyfriend glockz
[_khaled] what u think i didnt hear about how ur in MOB in ur shit clown ACE crew ill fuckin own ur shit faggot got it
[_khaled] i got real fuckers everywhere u peice of shit ill have MOB gone finished i get user lits of ur shit group ginfo JGRIIZLE U FUCKING JOKe.
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