[_khaled] sup
[*****] i got sum info on a certain sumbody
[*****] if u need holla back at me
[_khaled] whos this
[_khaled] ahah i got this kids owned
[_khaled] had a mole in there shittie secret group
[_khaled] they jokes got all logs
[_khaled] they are finished
[_khaled] they all from scene groups
[_khaled] bunch of clowns
[_khaled] i got lots of information them jokers
[_khaled] all washed up wanna be rippers
[_khaled] ive seen ur nick in 0daymp3
[_khaled] while im banned
[_khaled] im already in there
[_khaled] i aint stupid
[_khaled] theese guys
[*****] think im born yesterdday
[_khaled] what u mean?
[_khaled] i got it all these wanan be fake boxden rippers
[_khaled] they tihnk im still abned in 0daymp3
[_khaled] and i got shit goign for ace
[_khaled] u can go ahead and paste this
[_khaled] i can care less
[_khaled] but its jokes
[*****] i aint pastin shit
[_khaled] they found out im in MAD
[_khaled] olol
[_khaled] im in the realest group nigga im in a council
[_khaled] ya i couldnt give 2 flyin fucks about u either
[_khaled] but
[_khaled] not like i have time to sit here all day and do this stupid shit
[_khaled] thats why i got little niggas doin my shit
[_khaled] fuck all these other groups, i could care less
[_khaled] fuck MoB 2, im on a site wit them
[_khaled] what kind of info can u get me
[_khaled] u still havent said anything
[*****] you havent asked
[*****] plus
[*****] you said you dont give 2 flyin fucks about me lol
[*****] im tryin to give you info
[*****] tell me what you wanna know
[_khaled] i already know all dats hit..
[_khaled] just said that
[*****] you ask and ill tell simple as that
[_khaled] second thought i already got everything i need to know
[_khaled] got things to do
[*****] i dont know u but from the way u come off u make it seem like u more important than u really are
[*****] if u wanna be a dick about it thats fine
[_khaled] nah i aint sayin that homie
[_khaled] i just got what i already need
[_khaled] aight then man
[_khaled] ive been fuckin wit these skids for over maybe a month an half 2 now
[*****] what you mean?
[_khaled] when was the last time u seen me in 0daymp3
[_khaled] lol
[_khaled] long enuff ago
[_khaled] last time i was in 0daymp3 i was recruitin for MAD
[_khaled] got a few good rippers too
[*****] why u get banned anyway?
[_khaled] and which faggot op banned u?
[_khaled] eh
[_khaled] i told tyrant to go fuckhimself and his shittie usa colo sites
[_khaled] hes a fuckin looser an a leech
[_khaled] i remember when i used to ggive that kid credits so he can leech
[_khaled] fuckin sad kid
[_khaled] he think he cool cuz he op a channel
[_khaled] sad man
[_khaled] i used to have like gigs of credits on site
[_khaled] used to fork him soem over to leech
[_khaled] like a little bitch
[*****] i heard he paid for a site
[_khaled] nah
[_khaled] well not like theres no site
[_khaled] theplanet.com
[_khaled] u can have ur own site
[_khaled] hes a theplanet.com junkie
[_khaled] just like the rest of them
[_khaled] he probably has one and sells leech on it
[_khaled] thats wut i did for my group
[_khaled] same wit JGR and the rest of them clowns like culture
[_khaled] hes funny he msgds me like imma have ur group owned and scene banned ive been in ego.....
[_khaled] i started laughing
[*****] lmao
[*****] yo peep this pic
[*****] http//img206.exs.cx/img206/5306/lsdchillin18sm.jpg
[_khaled] lolololol
[_khaled] thats lsd
[_khaled] sad whiteboy that looks like he gots down syndrome
[_khaled] fucking gimp
[_khaled] u got one of that goof off culture
[*****] i have all their pics
[_khaled] those are the biggest fuckin looosers
[*****] http//img129.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img129&image=culture12dw.jpg
[_khaled] where did u get it from
[*****] he sent it to me
[_khaled] ive seen u fuckin wit kids the other day in 0day
[_khaled] makin ems say
[_khaled] spool
[_khaled] so u can ban them..
[_khaled] then u were in ace talkin like it was all just a joke
[_khaled] eh well i dunno
[_khaled] hard to trust someone over the computer anywayz
[_khaled] wheres jgrs
[*****] http//img159.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img159&image=jgrizz3ls.jpg
[*****] http//img159.exs.cx/my.php?loc=img159&image=jgrizz3ls.jpg
[_khaled] that is a looser
[_khaled] llookin for internet pussy
[_khaled] he probbaly packin auto matic fucking bb guns
[_khaled] fuckin jokers man
[_khaled] they guys think they hard core gangstas
[_khaled] but they just e thugs wanan be gangstas
[_khaled] man while im out collection the bread
[_khaled] these kdis looking up new wasy to own people
[_khaled] while im makin rules for MAD
[*****] lol
[_khaled] fuckin clowns
[_khaled] i hate lolin man but they got me in that stat
[_khaled] of laughter
[_khaled] shit is jokes
[_khaled] u seen our rules shit?
[_khaled] our code of conduct?
[*****] na send
-_khaled- DCC Send mad_rules.html (
[_khaled] man they have it in there topic
[_khaled] fucking loooseerrsss
[_khaled] they got like mmillion page book lol
[_khaled] fuckin loooosser
[_khaled] what did i say?
[_khaled] u think i didnt know
[_khaled] lol
[_khaled] i got it all g
[_khaled] except photos
[_khaled] of these silly irc kids
[_khaled] u know why they talkin shit soo much rightnow
[_khaled] is cuz i told my little nigga to hit the switch
[_khaled] lol
[_khaled] he got him self baned form ace
[_khaled] i got other guys tho
[_khaled] i already told him
[_khaled] u can go ahead and tell dem too lol
[_khaled] they are big time jokes
[_khaled] fuckin wit a nigga thats been doing this shit for long time
[*****] lol
[_khaled] its just on irc when ur a bad boy these homos dont wanna see u shyne
[_khaled] ahaha
[_khaled] im good tho man
[_khaled] they had no idea
[_khaled] i mean no idea
[_khaled] thats why they shitting
[_khaled] irc kiddies man
[*****] lol
[*****] lol ya im suprised u pulled that shit off
[_khaled] that shit was mad smart
[_khaled] pulled?
[_khaled] i got lots of tricks up my sleave
[_khaled] ya they so addicct to irc i dont think they acually have friends or a social life
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