[_khaled] i still dont understan tho how they found out im a arab lol , just becuz i use it as alias the maker of mirc
[_khaled] a name is a name
[_khaled] its irc
[_khaled] same shit differnt toilet
[_khaled] they thoguht the oklahomo bombin was a arba too
[_khaled] them americans an there bad intelligence
[*****] lol
[_khaled] :\
[*****] u aint from US?
[_khaled] nah
[*****] canada?
[_khaled] for now unforteuntely
[*****] lol all good
[*****] canada is str8
[_khaled] eh
[_khaled] most my pplz from canada on here too
[_khaled] like my rippers n shit
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