owned pt 1

when _khaled started recruiting members for his group in public chans he looked like a lame, but he even looked more lame when someone msgd him for a laugh, too see HOW dumb he was, and damn, noone expected him to be this dumb. this khaled guy is bringing EVERYONE in risk by adding people he doesnt even know to sites (yes, this guy owns, but what if it happened before? what if he really was a fed? the site khaled added him to would probably get busted, all thanks to people that talk too much.) anyone can msg khaled saying "im a ripper" and he will get added to 100mbit+ sites without even releasing ONE rip. this needs to stop, MAD needs new leaders. khaled thinks he's secure cause he can delete people, sure, but once the feds got the bnc and port it's too late, you need to think, you can't trust ANYONE on efnet. enjoy the story. :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

so here's the proof...i had to edit like 10 site locations, and other info that might be a risk to post in public.

pay close attention that in this log, khaled reveals every possible bit of information about his group to somone he JUST met...

[_khaled] what music store?
[*****] amazon.com's music warehousing department
[*****] we stock cd's that are about to be shipped
[_khaled] really
[_khaled] ok
[_khaled] well
[_khaled] all i gotta say
[_khaled] do u want theatres movies ?
[_khaled] do u want dvd rips of movies that come out months or weeks in advance
[_khaled] do u want access to xxx, pc games , console games etc
[*****] I already got it
[*****] I thought this was about a reward
[_khaled] what u mean
[_khaled] well i got fast access topsites
[_khaled] whereu can leech
[_khaled] and never have to worry about anything
[*****] leet axx, I already got it...what else do u have?
[*****] thats the reard?
[*****] *reward
[_khaled] well
[_khaled] what do u want?
[*****] you tell me?
[_khaled] ahah
[_khaled] come on man
[_khaled] how do u have access?
[_khaled] to all this stuff?
[*****] I dont need to tell you anything
[_khaled] ya i know
[*****] you a noob to this shit?
[_khaled] fuck man
[_khaled] hmm
[_khaled] no no
[_khaled] im just trynna figure out what u would like
[_khaled] i run a mp3 group
[*****] how about $100 dollar's WU'd for every cd I rip?
[_khaled] WUd?
[*****] you dont know what WU is?
[*****] sorry man, but you suck
[*****] you sound like you live in a tree house with a dial up connection
[_khaled] jesus
[*****] no offence
[_khaled] why are u being like this dude
[*****] mthing is
[_khaled] honestly
[_khaled] can i just add u somewhere
[*****] for all I know, you could be a fed
[_khaled] and show u what i got?
[*****] nahmeen?
[_khaled] no
[_khaled] im not
[_khaled] i can prove it
[_khaled] right now
[_khaled] ill show my groups Headquarters site
[_khaled] its in .se 26/26 mbit
[_khaled] up/down
[_khaled] u have flash or ultrafxp installed?
[*****] yes
[_khaled] ok
[_khaled] give me a user and pass u would like
[_khaled] and give me a.b.*.* of ur ip
[*****] aightset user to
[*****] "******" and pass to "*******"
[_khaled] k
[_khaled] ur ip a.b.*.*?
[*****] **.**.
[_khaled] k
[_khaled] gimme a second
[_khaled] like i said this is just our hq that wheer we put rips to get pred
[_khaled] i just wanna show u this so u know im for real
[_khaled] i know u think i sound like a fed
[_khaled] im sorry aobut that
[_khaled] i just dont want u to talk away witout hearin me and at least letting me prove to u
[*****] nah man
[_khaled] gimme a sec
[*****] just gotta be careful
[_khaled] im adding u know
[_khaled] ya
[_khaled] :)
[_khaled] u are
[_khaled] which i liked
[_khaled] im just not that great at talkin to people
[_khaled] i used to be around when my brother was in bbs boards
[_khaled] HQ -> IP= PORT=2465
[_khaled] try it
[*****] I been around since then
[_khaled] thats our hq
[_khaled] word
[_khaled] nice
[_khaled] thats just our HQ
[_khaled] i can show u a real site
[_khaled] let me knwo when u done scanning it
[_khaled] then ill add u on a site to check out
[_khaled] a real 100mbit topsite
[*****] aight..lemmecheck it out
[_khaled] k
[_khaled] gimme one second
[_khaled] its 100mbit *.* tb
[*****] where's the 100mbit at?
[_khaled] ya
[_khaled] uhmm
[_khaled] hold up
[_khaled] ****** :)
[_khaled] routing is excellent
[_khaled] we do have sites all over europe
[_khaled] no USA
[_khaled] USA is very riskyu
[_khaled] we dont fuck wit USA
[_khaled] IP=219.113.184.* PORT=765*
[_khaled] same user and password
[_khaled] tell me what u think
[_khaled] this is acualyl one of our finest sites.
[_khaled] .jp is one of the best place
[_khaled] really good routing
[*****] aight..gimme a few mins to chk it out
[_khaled] ok
[_khaled] for sure
[_khaled] once u wanna get down
[*****] what countries in eu?
[_khaled] that will be set to leech
[_khaled] and we have
[_khaled] plenty of other shit
[_khaled] ok
[_khaled] let me get the list
[_khaled] .
[_khaled] well atm
[_khaled] .se, .jp, .kr(down atm), .hu, .at(down atm), .ee, .fr, .no
[_khaled] and one in poland
[_khaled] u want full names if u dont know the abrivation
[_khaled] ?
[_khaled] ** = ****
[*****] nah, I got them
[_khaled] oh ok
[_khaled] but ya there all 100mbits
[_khaled] we got a few .**'s
[_khaled] what u think of that .** site?
[*****] checking it out now
[_khaled] oh ok
[_khaled] sorry
[_khaled] like i said
[_khaled] this is not all u will have access too
[_khaled] once u start
[_khaled] i will give u all the best sites we have
[_khaled] set to leech
[_khaled] that would probably start u off wit 3 100mbit+ sites
[_khaled] one of them is a site ring of * sites
[*****] the **** site looks aight, but I got all that on my old leech
[_khaled] :/
[*****] so there's nothign new in it for me
[*****] just the risk of dealing with new peeps
[_khaled] nah come on man
[_khaled] whats the worst that can happen
[*****] worst?
[_khaled] besides u getting more access to secure sites
[_khaled] ?
[*****] I can go to jail
[*****] and get a $180,000 dollar fine
[*****] for every movie that gets ripped
[*****] thats pretty serious to me
[_khaled] ya i understand what u mean bro
[_khaled] but i meant like
[_khaled] how long will ur old stuff last
[_khaled] u never know man
[_khaled] like i aint a bitch bro ive been doing this forever
[_khaled] we have a channel not on linknet
[_khaled] we are installing blowfish
[_khaled] itll all be encrypted talkin
[_khaled] on* linknet*
[*****] same here man..I been down with the scene for a long time
[_khaled] ya
[*****] and I trust the people that Im with atm
[*****] no offence
[_khaled] oh
[_khaled] ur already in a mp3 group?
[_khaled] ya i understand damn man , i just wish there was anyway to change ur mind
[*****] umm..how about I think about it for a day or two?
[_khaled] uhmm
[_khaled] well
[_khaled] my nick never changes bro
[_khaled] i honestly, swear to god, u wont be in any danger
[_khaled] ill giveu anything
[_khaled] access to everything we have.
[_khaled] u gotta understand if u put out maybe 2 rips for us
[_khaled] that can spread a nice word in for us and we would get offers for more sites
[_khaled] and thats when u come in
[_khaled] u will get access to anything new, from the point on u get in MAD
[_khaled] if we get anything new such as sites etc
[_khaled] u get first dips on it
[_khaled] .
[_khaled] we have a guy in our group whos a family man
[_khaled] thats like 40 yearrs old
[_khaled] lol
[*****] well I know I got axx to the beanie siegel album
[*****] jr writer
[*****] new j.lo album might go thru me as well
[_khaled] ya thats what im talkin about bro
[*****] so I know I got the goods
[_khaled] i swear honestly
[_khaled] im tellin gu
[*****] just need to ponder on it for a few
[_khaled] i want u to come
[_khaled] get down wit my group
[_khaled] ******
[_khaled] ******
[_khaled] honestly
[_khaled] anything u want
[_khaled] u aint gota even rip when u wanna join
[_khaled] u seem like the illest mutherfucker
[_khaled] and that we can trust u big time
[_khaled] like i said bro man , anything u want
[_khaled] i run the show for my group i call shots
[_khaled] ill hook u up with anythign
[_khaled] we have
[*****] aight man, you sound legit to me...but I gotta think about it...cuz right now, my affiliates and I got a good thing going
[*****] no offence
[_khaled] ya for sure
[_khaled] :/
[_khaled] so basically u already in a mp3 group?
[*****] umm..I cant say
[_khaled] ok ok
[_khaled] well tahts not really important
[_khaled] i just wanted to show u man
[_khaled] if u come get down wit me
[_khaled] u know when i say ill give u everyything we have to offer
[_khaled] i mean it
[*****] aight man, thats cool
[_khaled] ok well my nick never changes
[*****] I'll get back to you in a day or two
[_khaled] should i msg u in a day or 2?
[*****] awfully busy here with some shit atm
[_khaled] ok my nick never changes.
[*****] I'll msg you...possibly from another nick..but you'll know its me
[_khaled] ok
[_khaled] please let me know bro
[_khaled] i honestly garuntee u , u wont regret it
[*****] aight...peace homie
[_khaled] for real take care bro please get back to me
[*****] werd
[_khaled] uhmm im gonna del these accounts
[_khaled] but i can allways just hi the readd button
[_khaled] hit*
[_khaled] :)
[*****] leave em on
[*****] for a while atleast
[_khaled] ok.
[_khaled] ok
[_khaled] done
[*****] just gotta check some stuff
[_khaled] they wont be off
[_khaled] they are set.
[*****] I wont leech yet
[_khaled] listen
[_khaled] can i tell soemthing
[*****] sure
[_khaled] we have a nice .se site ring
[_khaled] * site ring
[_khaled] i think 3 of the sites are 100mbit
[_khaled] the rest are 10mbit
[_khaled] but its really nice
[_khaled] acually gots a divx and tv archive
[_khaled] and pc games archive that goes back to 1980
[_khaled] :)
[_khaled] that owuld be one of the many sites ill add u on
[*****] sounds aight..I already got sites now...so thats no big deal
[*****] butyou sound like a cool guy
[*****] where you from anyways?
[_khaled] word thx bro
[_khaled] me im from ottawa ontario
[_khaled] in canada
[_khaled] u?
[*****] sorry man, cant really give out details on irc
[*****] no offence
[_khaled] ya i hear ya
[_khaled] no problem bro
[_khaled] honestly u know what
[_khaled] i dont wanna know ur location
[_khaled] its for ur own security
[_khaled] if u say what u do is real
[_khaled] u gota keep that shit low profile
[_khaled] right now i dont knwo anything lol
[_khaled] like i said i dont usualyl talk on efnet
[_khaled] we are on a pretty private server called linknet
[*****] yeah...I know that
[_khaled] yo bro imma go smoke a spliff
[_khaled] ill brb
[_khaled] u wouldnt believe the kind of hydro we have down here
[_khaled] beautiful looking weed man
[_khaled] u smoke anything?
[*****] yeah, on occassion
[_khaled] ya word, LOL
[_khaled] nice man
[_khaled] yo ill brb gonna go roll and smoke , unfortunately i gotta smoke out side :/
[*****] how many peeps you got ripping for you atm?
[*****] aight...easy
[_khaled] well *
[_khaled] 1 of them
[_khaled] hold up
[_khaled] ill tell ya before i got
[_khaled] go*
[_khaled] acually are ugonna be on
[_khaled] ill be like 15 minutes
[*****] I'll be on..but I'll be occupied
[_khaled] ok ic
[_khaled] well ill let u know
[_khaled] when i get back
[_khaled] we can talk more
[*****] sure
[_khaled] :)
[_khaled] what u say
[_khaled] ok dope man gimme a few
[*****] werd

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