owned pt 2

[_khaled] k
[_khaled] sup bro
[_khaled] im make
[_khaled] and i feel nice.
[_khaled] back*
[_khaled] lol
[*****] so u do this all day? or as a hobby mostly?
[_khaled] honestly im on holidays
[_khaled] but i go to school in da mornings
[_khaled] but i pretty much on this thing after that all day
[_khaled] :/
[_khaled] if u saying i have no life
[_khaled] then ya
[_khaled] LOL
[_khaled] ur right
[_khaled] i dont watch tv i jut download tv episodes
[_khaled] i dont even got a tv
[_khaled] LOL
[*****] lol
[*****] I know how it is
[_khaled] why pay
[_khaled] ?
[_khaled] when
[_khaled] i can get it
[*****] I dont watch tv on the actual set either
[_khaled] grabbing tv episode isnt illegal
[_khaled] well maybe but
[_khaled] ya
[*****] its more of a gray area
[_khaled] whats the point
[_khaled] lol
[*****] true
[_khaled] honestly i save my self 50 bucks amont
[_khaled] month*
[_khaled] and i get hbo showsLOL
[_khaled] life is hard sometimes
[*****] whys that?
[_khaled] well i go to school
[_khaled] i collect welfare
[_khaled] i dont get much
[_khaled] enuff to pay rent
[_khaled] so i slang weed to pay internet
[_khaled] and smoke
[_khaled] sometimes i smoke to much
[_khaled] and it becomes a bitch
[_khaled] just u know life just sucks man
[_khaled] gotta get a job , a real one
[*****] you arab right?
[_khaled] ya
[*****] if u dont mind me asking
[*****] aight
[_khaled] i gotta admit the pc shit keeps a brother off the streets
[_khaled] shoot
[_khaled] oh ya im arab
[_khaled] well ,lebanese
[_khaled] what about u
[_khaled] ?
[*****] so like u a canadian born or immigrant?
[_khaled] u christain?
[_khaled] nah
[_khaled] born in canada
[*****] o ok
[*****] nah, Im muslim
[_khaled] me too
[_khaled] them niggas lost they minds down in ottawa
[_khaled] the streets is lebanese and somalian down here
[*****] what'd they do?
[_khaled] lol
[*****] oh is it?
[_khaled] ya for real man
[_khaled] lebs run da streets down here man
[_khaled] theres enuff somalian niggas down here
[_khaled] running the crack game in the south
[_khaled] bro they call him chyna
[_khaled] this nigga one crazy somalian
[_khaled] them niggas make real figgers
[_khaled] man they got like a masion outta of da city , farm land man
[_khaled] where dey do all da bizness and cooking
[_khaled] shit si next level
[_khaled] i gotta admit the drug scene in canada is really coming up
[_khaled] but yo
[_khaled] i forgot about what u said earlier
[*****] the drug scene in t.dot
[*****] is real chill compared to the us
[_khaled] ya omg
[_khaled] USA is finshed
[_khaled] but like in t.dot and ottawa
[_khaled] its upcoming man
[_khaled] we already ahve a meth epidemic in a few provinces to the west
[_khaled] ahaha
[_khaled] shit is fuckd
[*****] how many peeps you got ripping for you atm?
[_khaled] well
[_khaled] we have like * rippers
[_khaled] i rip
[_khaled] local stuff from canada
[*****] like k-os and stuff?
[*****] rappers?
[_khaled] * guys who get stuff sometimes
[_khaled] ya
[_khaled] but local
[_khaled] i live in ottawa
[_khaled] its 6 hrs away from t.dot
[_khaled] the other head of MAD is funny that u said that namee
[_khaled] is name is K-OS
[_khaled] lol
[_khaled] his*
[*****] yeah
[*****] its a canadian rapper
[_khaled] ya
[_khaled] the other head that runs the group wit me
[_khaled] is from t.dot
[_khaled] im from ottawa
[_khaled] his nick on irc is K-OS
[_khaled] but hes barely around
[_khaled] but ya he rips and i do as well
[_khaled] whenever we get a chance to grab local shit
[_khaled] but besides taht we have * rippers
[_khaled] and *-* guys who supply rips when they can
[_khaled] but one ripper is one of my old irc friends
[_khaled] hes like 40 wit children
[_khaled] he used to own a mixtape store used to rip alot for me back in the days
[_khaled] but now hes like my main man he does 60 rips a month
[_khaled] vinyl , mixtapes, local stuff from where he is in the USA.
[_khaled] we had a few guys help us put up nice retails
[_khaled] like
[_khaled] the masta killa retail album a week in advance
[_khaled] we did the 213-the hard way
[_khaled] 3 weeks in advance
[_khaled] one of our biggest rips to date
[_khaled] we did the twista-kamikaze-re-release-2004
[_khaled] 2 weeks in advance
[_khaled] that waws a special uk edition
[*****] oh I remember those
[_khaled] i acually did the masta killa
[_khaled] one of my friends supplied it to me
[_khaled] that was a good album.
[_khaled] we almost had nelly-sweat
[*****] who's the dude with 60 rips a month?
[_khaled] but, rns obviously did it
[*****] thats an insane amount
[_khaled] my friend
[_khaled] he did acually 80
[_khaled] the other month
[_khaled] hes head ripper
[*****] damn
[_khaled] one of my best buddies
[_khaled] ive known him for like 6 years now
[_khaled] yup
[*****] and he's on irc too?
[_khaled] hes on vacation till the 9th
[*****] I'd like to have a friend like that
[_khaled] uhmm
[_khaled] rarely
[_khaled] lol
[_khaled] hes on to dupecheck
[_khaled] thats about it he talks about
[_khaled] hes an older guy bro
[_khaled] has a family and shit
[_khaled] hes a good guy tho
[_khaled] hes the man acually
[_khaled] lol
[*****] yeah..those guys sometimes got insane connects
[_khaled] ya
[_khaled] like i said he used to run a mixtape store
[_khaled] he still gets money front he stores
[_khaled] but he dont even run them lol
[_khaled] his friends give him shit all the time
[_khaled] mass amounts of it too
[*****] oh ok
[_khaled] but ya its a nice connect
[_khaled] gets mad exclusives
[*****] aight bro
[*****] nice meeting you
[*****] I gotta head out for a while
[_khaled] oh word
[_khaled] ok cool
[*****] Ima get back to you in a couple days
[*****] aight?
[_khaled] when can i expect a word from ya?
[_khaled] oh ok for sure man
[_khaled] u dont have msn?
[*****] nah...I dont use im from this connection
[_khaled] oh ok
[_khaled] well my nick never changes bro
[_khaled] _khaled
[*****] werd
[*****] peace man
[_khaled] paece bro


-aCe bitch, you better believe the hype is real.

oh yeah, a small hint, use proxies when you try to spam, fag =)

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