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MAD's OFFICIAL Codes of Conduct and Rules


A. Purpose

1. The following Disciplinary Procedures are designed to facilitate
better channel cooperation and to review incidents involving
violations of MAD's Code of Conduct and Rules. It is not intended
to create an adversarial court-like proceeding for those who abide
by the established law.

B. Disciplinary Authority

1. Disciplinary authority is vested strictly within the entire
Senior Council. The syndicate is restricted to serve as a
liaison to the guilty party(ies)

2. The alternative Disciplinary Procedures are administered by
the group's leader _khaled, and his responsibility is to
ensure the fair and dutiful administration of the disciplinary
process in the review of incidents involving violations of MAD's
Code of Conduct.

C. Violation of Law/Off Channel Conduct

1. MAD rippers and other members are subject to reasonable disciplinary action deemed
appropriate, including suspension and expulsion, for breach of
laws rules or regulations that occur in or out of the channel
when such conduct is likely to have an adverse effect on the
group, or affects the individual's suitability as a member of

2. MAD rippers are subject to disciplinary consequences both in and out
of the channel. The Senior Council will institute disciplinary
procedures when a member has been charged out of the channel with
a violation of trust and faith, such as spying, plotting, or
going against the grain in any such way that can potentially harm
MAD. The Senior Council reserves the right to invoke its
disciplinary procedures.


A. Immediate Suspension Authority

1. Oral Warning
Verbal notification to the member that repetition of the wrongful
conduct may be cause for more severe sanctions, and a clear
instruction to desist.

2. Fines
Sum to be paid by the member to the group or another specified body.
Failure to do so will result in continued enrollment of the group.

3. Community Work
Assignment of a specific number of hours of community service work
to be accomplished in a specific time.

4. Disciplinary Probation
Official notification to the MAD ripper that he is in official jeopardy.
A further violation of the Code of Conduct while on disciplinary
probation may result in suspension or expulsion.

5. Suspension & Time Out
Exclusion from group for a stated period of time. Suspension may
require petition for readmission.

6. Expulsion
Dismissal from the group. The person charged must vacate the
channel immediately or will end up banned. Readmission will not
be considered.


A. Complaint Procedure

1. Filing an Incident Report
An incident report is a detailed, written description of an alleged
violation. Any member of the group may report an alleged violation
of the Code of Conduct and Rules, in writing, to the senior COuncil.
Complaints must be filed within thirty (30) days of the incident
that precipitated the complaint.

2. Investigative Hearing
Upon receipt of the written incident report, the President is
authorized to conduct an investigation by questioning persons thought
to have knowledge of the particular incident, including the alleged

3. Notification of Charges
If the Senior Council finds sufficient reason to formally charge the
member, the violator will be notified of the charges.


A. Scope of Authority

1. The Disciplinary Panel has jurisdiction over all incidents referred to
it or for which the penalty of suspension or expulsion from MAD exists.

B. Composition of Panel

1. The Panel will consist of Seven (7) members of the group to be selected by the
Honorable Leader _khaled in consultation with the Lead Prosecution and Vice President of
the Senior Council, [K-OS].

2. The Panel shall elect a Chairperson (Foreman) from its membership with power
to vote.

C. Hearing Guidelines

1. The Chairperson is responsible for the administrative procedures of the
Disciplinary Panel.

2. The Judge is responsible for the orderly and proper functioning of the hearing.

3. If a charged ripper chooses not to attend the hearing or fails to present a
defense... the Panel, at its discretion, may complete its inquiry into the case in
the absence of the charged ripper. Depending on the severity of the crime, if the
case is reviewed and culpability is determined, a sanction may be imposed as though
the member presented a defense.

4. A quorum for the Panelís hearing shall be five (5) members. A majority vote of
the members present is required for a decision.

5. Hearings are intended to be run as legal court proceedings. Accordingly,
strict conformity to legal rules of evidence is required.

6. Hearings are private and will not be open to the general Public or other members
of MAD unless selected by the Senior Council and/or Judge.

7. All persons attending the hearing shall conduct themselves in an orderly and
respectful manner. Disruptive persons will be ejected from the proceedings and
may be appropriately charged.

8. MAD will document the hearings by any means deemed appropriate.

9. Both the charged ripper and the Prosecution must submit a list of expected
witnesses to the Chairperson of the Panel in advance of the hearing date.

10. The Disciplinary Panel may request the appearance of any witness it deems

11. The Panel will consider anonymous information at the discretion of the
charged ripper.

D. Hearing Protocol

1. The Chairperson will call the proceeding to order.

2. The Chairperson will explain the function of the hearing and advise the charged
ripper and the complainant of their rights before the Panel.

3. The Prosecution will read the incident report and any other statement submitted
in relation to the incident.

4. Panel members may ask questions of the Prosecution and the complainant, if
present and offering information on his/her own behalf.

5. The Chairperson will offer the charged ripper the opportunity to present
information or remain silent. If the charged ripper elects to present information,
the member is obligated to answer all relevant questions asked by authorized
persons including the Prosecution.

6. The Panel may call witnesses to present information.

7. Witnesses will be excused from the hearing room upon completion of their
presentation and all questioning.

8. The Panel may recall any witness it deems necessary.

E. Panel Deliberation Procedure

1. Upon conclusion of all presentations, the Panel will meet in private to
deliberate on the information presented.

2. The deliberation will be recorded.

3. In the event of a determination of culpability, the sanction will be
determined by the Panel from the list of available sanctions. The memberís past
disciplinary record and previous violations will be considered in determining

F. Notification of Decision

1. Written notification of the results of a disciplinary hearing specifying
the decision, and where applicable, the sanction, will be forwarded by the
Prosecution to the Vice President, [K-OS] of the Council and the sanctioned ripper,
as soon as is practical after the hearing.

G. Record of Proceedings

1. All written documents relating to the review of an incident are confidential.

2. A copy of all material associated with the review of an incident will be
retained by the Senior Council for a period of five (5) years, after which
time all records except those involving suspension and expulsion will be

*REVISED ON (2-12-2005)*